I have been raising sheep my whole life but I started a flushing program three years ago. I have increased the number of lambs hitting the ground by 23%. Flushing cost me about $3.40 per ewe last fall and at today's lamb prices, the return is huge.
Clint Krebs - Oregon


The American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) is calling on sheep producers, both large and small, from east to west, to help accomplish the goal of improving sheep production efficiencies to develop a sustainable future for the industry. ASI has come up with a formula to address this goal, it's called Let's Grow with twoPLUS.

Goal 1

Encourage sheep producers to increase the average birthrate per ewe to two lambs per year.

Goal 2

Encourage producers to increase the harvested lamb crop by 2 percent – taking it from 108 percent to 110 percent.

By implementing pre-breeding and pre-lambing management tools like flushing, teaser bucks, cross breeding and nutrition, increasing the average birthrate per ewe to two lambs per year can become a reality. And although the industry will never do away with predator and disease issues, there are mortality reduction tools out there for those experiencing problems. A great resource for producers to learn about these practices is the SID handbook that ASI has produced. By being on the cutting edge of management practices and new technology, the industry can increase both the lamb birth rate and lower lamb mortality rates. For information on how to order the SID handbook, click on Resources.

Let’s Grow with twoPLUS Partners

Producers from across the United States are participating in the twoPLUS initiative and are dedicated to implementing management practices to increase their flock. Click here to read more about these producers and to learn about their plans for expansion.

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